Reading Quiz: A Small Boat

During my teaching, I found many learners can’t master tones well. If you need help with your tone pronunciation, please read this post: How to Pronounce Mandarin-Chinese Tones. My teaching approves this method is very effective.

In this post, you are going to test your reading ability, especially your tone pronunciation.

Please read the below poem. If you need help, please read this post “Mandarin Chinese Children’s Poem: A Small Boat” first and watch the video carefully, then come back to record this poem. Fore more quizzes, please click quiz time. Enjoy!


wān wān de yuè liàng xiǎo xiǎo de chuán
the crescent moon, a small boat

xiǎo xiǎo de chuán ér liǎng tóu jiān
the small boat has two pointy ends

wǒ zài xiǎo xiǎo de chuán lǐ zuò
I sit in the small boat

zhǐ kàn jiàn shǎn shǎn de xīng xīng lán lán de tiān
only see twinkling stars and the blue sky

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