Who Are You Thankful for – An Original Mandarin Chinese Song to Thank My Readers

Thanksgiving is here. 感恩节到了。 ( gǎn ēn jié dào le ) I have to say, I like this holiday very much.

It is not because I have a chance to taste a turkey, actually, I don’t like the taste of turkey. I feel a Turkey tastes too bland. I like Thanksgiving because it is a special holiday to express our appreciation.

When I was a preschool teacher, I tried to design activities to have my students write down who they are thankful for. No wonder, most of my students were thankful for their families.

If you ask me the same question: Who are you thankful for?

Here is my answer: Besides my family, I am also thankful for my readers. Because of you, I know I am not alone. Writing a Mandarin Chinese learning blog is a labor of love, without readers, writing is meaningless and unworthy.

Since I can’t find appropriate Thanksgiving song in Mandarin Chinese, I decided to create one with a purpose to help children learn some Chinese characters related with this holiday in a meaningful way.

Here is the link to download this song lyric for free. Just let you know: This song lyric is only for your personal use. Thank you for your understanding. 谢谢你的理解.  ( xiè xiè nǐ de lǐ jiě )

Some readers might have a question: What is the difference between “感谢” ( gǎn xiè ) and “谢谢” ( xiè xie )?

Usually, 感谢 is used in a very formal situation. 谢谢 is used in spoken Chinese or informal situation. As for 感激 ( gǎn jī ), it means: appreciate, be very grateful, thank you very much. So in a emotional level, 谢谢< 感谢 < 感激.

When you read the song in pinyin version, pay attention to the various tones of 一. For more information about tone pronunciation, please read my post: How to Pronounce Mandarin-Chinese Tones.

Enjoy your holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐!

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