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Chinese Classic Poem: Lodged at Jiande River

In this post, we are going to appreciate another beautiful Chinese classic poem by 孟浩然(Meng, Haoran). If you often visit my blog, you might read another poem by this author already: Chinese Poetry Tang Poem: Spring Dawn.

Chinese Classic Poem: Lodged at Jiande River by Meng, Haoran

This poem talked about the author’s one trip staying at a hotel close to Jiande river . As we know, back to that time, people took boats for long travels. In this poem, the author described a beautiful scene he saw during the stay, at the same time, he shared his feeling as a traveler.

移舟泊烟渚:The boat stopped at a small smoky island. 移: move; 舟: boat; 泊: stop; 烟: smoke, fume; 渚: a small island.

日暮客愁新:It was getting dark, the traveler (here it means the author) started to have some new worry. 日: sun; 暮: sunset, evening; 客: guest, 愁: worry; 新: new.

野旷天低树: Looked at the vast plain, the sky in the far away looked even lower than the trees. 野: plain, field; 旷: vast; 天: sky; 低: low; 树: tree.

江清月近人:Looked at the river, the river was so clean, the moon in the river looked so close to the people. 江: river; 清: clean; 月: moon; 近: close; 人: people, person.

From this short poem, we readers not only got a beautiful painting but also felt the author’s sentimental feeling as a lonely traveler. What a well written classic work!

As I mentioned times, if you really wish to get the beauty of Chinese culture and literature, I strongly suggest you read these best classic poems. If you wish to learn more, please read other posts I wrote.

Now let’s read together to appreciate this poem.

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