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Chinese Sayings and Quotes about Health

In this post, I am going to talk about popular Chinese sayings and quotes about health. For Chinese sayings about life widsom, please read this post: 8 Chinese Sayings That Can Change Your Life.

As we know, Chinese has 5000 year history. With such long history, Chinese developed own heath wisdom based on generations’ experiences.

Many Chinese including myself still follow our ancestors’ wisdom. I hope this post is helpful for you.

1. 是药三分毒 ( shì yào sān fēn dú):  If it is the medicine, it would have some risky side effect.

Before we take the medicine, we have to be cautious to learn well of the side effect. Don’t take the medicine randomly. Take the medicine when it is necessary.

2. 饭后百步走 ( fàn hòu bǎi bù zǒu ),活到九十九 ( húo dào jǐu shí jǐu ): If you wish to live long, take a walk after the meal.

Chinese believe walking is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy. After the meal, it is not good to just sit there. It is better to walk around a little bit to help the digestion.

3. 春捂秋冻 (  chūn wǔ qīu dòng ): Keep warm during the spring. Don’t take off your coat too early. Keep cold during the autumn. Don’t put on your coat too soon.

During the season transition, it is better to give our body the time to adjust to the changing weather.  By doing so, our body will strengthen the immune system.

4. 病从口入 ( bìng cóng kǒu rù ): The disease comes through the mouth. We have to pay attention to what we eat. To be healthy, we have to eat healthy and clean food.

There is an another saying: 民以食为天 ( mín yǐ shí wéi tiān ). To be healthy, we have to build a healthy food foundation.

5. 人是铁 ( rén shì tiě ),饭是钢 ( fàn shì gāng ),一顿不吃饿得慌 ( yī dùn bù chī è de huāng): If the person is the iron, the rice is the steel. The steel is stronger than the iron. A person will be very hungry if he missed a meal. In a word, don’t miss one single meal.

6. 药补不如食补 ( yào bǔ bù rú shí bǔ ), 食补不如水补 ( shí bǔ bù rú shǔi bǔ ): The medicine is not as good as the food, the food is not as good as the water. Drinking enough water is very important.

7. 寒从脚下起 ( hán cóng jiǎo xià qǐ ): If your feet get cold, you might get cold. Keep the feet warm to stay away from the cold.

足冷全身冷( zú lěng quán shēn lěng), 足暖全身暖( zú nuǎn quán shēn nuǎn ). If the feet are cold, the body is cold. If the feet are warm, the body is warm.

Many Chinese people have a habit to soak the feet into warm water before going to bed. We believe, by doing so, we will have a better sleep.

8. 早饭吃得饱( zǎo fàn chī de bǎo ),午饭吃得好(wǔ fàn chī de hǎo ),晚饭吃得少(wǎn fàn chī de shǎo ):  Eat full in the morning, eat good at noon, and eat less at night.

Chinese believe, breakfast is the first meal of a day, eating full in the morning provides enough energy for the whole day. Having a high quality lunch provides enough nutrition for the body. Eating less at night, so the body is ready for sleeping. At the same time, we gain little weight.

By learning these Chinese sayings and quotes about health, I hope you get a better idea about how to keep healthy in a Chinese way.

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