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Is It Good to Learn a Second Language

Many people, especially parents might ask this question: Is it good to learn a second language?

As a parent, we want to provide the best for our kids. Many of us push our children take this or that course, but only some parents will send children to a school to learn a foreign language.

As a parent and bilinguist myself, I believe in there are many benefits of learning a new language.

1, Learning a second language makes children smarter.

A lot of studies show speaking a second language will have a profound effect on the development of our brain.

Learning a new language provides our brain an opportunity to work out its muscles, as a result, to develop its problem-solving ability.

2, Learning a second language helps children become more open-minded.

When a child learns a second language, he develops a life long ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds.

He knows better of the world and people with different cultural perspectives.

He appreciates the differences of human and cultures.

In a diverse society, the open-minded awareness is very important.

3, Learning a second language provides more career and business opportunities in the future.

Even English is an universal business language currently, however, many non-English native speakers don’t speak English well. Some people just got no chance or time to learn English.

If you could speak their own language, you stand out among other people who can’t. You will be more accepted as an insider.

Our society is a globalized society, knowing a second language will provide our children more job opportunities.

4, Learning a second language brings the families closer. 

If the child comes from an immigrant family, speaking their parents’ native language brings family and relatives closer.

Furthermore, learning his parents’ native language helps the child develop his bicultural identities, which is an incredible asset.

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