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Let’s Learn a Chinese Folktale, Three Monks, through Singing

Did you hear about the famous Chinese folk tale “Three Monks”? If not, now is the time to learn about this interesting story.

It is said, a long long time ago, there lived a little monk at a temple. This little monk took care of everything very well including carrying water every day for drinking water and watering plants. 

One day, another monk came to the temple. He was very thirsty and he drank all of the water. So the little monk said: “You need drink water too, why not we work together to carry the water? ” So these two monks cooperated happily every day until a third monk visited the temple.

The third monk loved drinking water. He was always thirsty. He drank a lot of water every day. Every time these three monks had to fight for who would go to carry the water. Soon no one was willing to do anything.

One day, the temple was on fire but there was no water in the bucket. Three monks were so worried. Everyone worked crazily to get the water to put out the fire. Finally, the fire was put out.

From that day, three monks decided to take turns to carry the water without any complaints. They took good care of everything at the temple and everything went very well.

In order to help children learn this story in an easy way, I decided to write a song based on this folk tale. I hope kids can learn something from this story.

Now let’s watch this video together.


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