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Chinese Idiom Story: Mother Meng Relocated Three Times

This history story is about Mother Meng. Her son, Mencius(孟子) (meng4 zi3), was a famous educator, philosopher and politician in Chinese history during Warring states period.

It was said that Mencius’s achievements attributed to his mother’s strict parenting. This story told about how Mother Meng relocated three times 孟母三迁) (meng4 mu3 san3 qian1) in order to provide an ideal location for Mencius to focus on his study.

If you like, you can get a free story script to test if you or your child can read this story independently.

Now, watch this video to read after with me. If you like, pause the video, try to read characters by yourself. I hope this video is helpful.

This story tells the importance of an environment for a child’s education. I am sure many parents know it so well that is why the price of a house in a good school district usually keeps its value well.

There is another saying in Chinese: 近朱者赤,近墨者黑。(jin4 zhu1 zhe3 chi4, jin4 mo4 zhe3 hei1.) It means, someone’s behavior and personalty will get influenced greatly by what kind of people he is close to.

If he is close to a red one that means a good person, he will be a good person. If he is close to a black one that means a bad person, he will be a bad person.

We should always keep a close eye on what kind of friends we hang out with to make sure we always make friends with nice people. Enjoy your reading.

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