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We Went to China – An Unforgettable Trip

During 2016 summer, we spent several relaxing and fun weeks in China.

During our short stay, we met a lot of friends and families, visited some interesting places and enjoyed a lot of tasty local Chinese dishes. To my kids, this China trip is unforgettable.

This is Big Wen’s second trip to China but he was very little when he went to China for the first time. It is Little Wen’s first time.

Both kids were very excited for this trip, especially my older one, Big Wen. He was eager to know more of China. He even watched some videos about China on YouTube before we visited China.

I have to say, bring kids back to China is a great way to motivate their Mandarin Chinese learning.

Before we went back to China, Big Wen spoke Mandarin Chinese just because I required him to do so.

After we came back from China, I  can tell, Big Wen is more willing to speak in Chinese. He even picked up some new words learned from talking with people and watching TV in China.

Surprisingly, Little Wen, my younger child, starts to speak more Chinese too.

Compared to Big Wen, Little Wen usually speaks more English. I guess, one reason is Little Wen started his preschool at younger age.

When in China, both kids love watching kids cartoon programs 熊出没  ( xióng chū mò ) ( boonies bears) and 大头儿子和小头爸爸 ( dà tóu ér zǐ hé xiǎo tóu bà bà ) (Big Head Son and Little Head Dad).

I bought some Chinese books at “新华书店” ( xīn huá shū diàn ) bookstore with a hope that two kids will read these books when we come back.

I had a conversation with Big Wen to get his opinion of this trip. Big Wen said he really liked this trip because he saw a lot of things he never saw in America.

Big Wen said China was an interesting place, so many people and cars, especially, he had a great time at a kids’ play corner set up at a supermarket. He wonders why there is no similar kids playground at a supermarket in America.

I asked Big Wen if he is willing to study hard to learn Mandarin Chinese. He said yes firmly.

I asked him why. Big Wen said: Because I have a lot of family in China. If I don’t learn Chinese, I will be unable to talk with them.

Big Wen wished to stay in China longer next time, so he can have more fun. I agree with him.

I am glad this China trip has a positive impact on my children. I am looking forward to next China trip to have them know China better.

Hopefully. by that time, their Chinese will be good enough to communicate with people easily.

Anyway, I will work with them together to be fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

I can do it. I am sure my children can do it. It is really not that difficult, isn’t it?

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