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A Famous Chinese Poem About Mother’s Love

There are many great artworks about mothers’ love. However, when Chinese people try to express their love for their moms, they always think about one poem: 游子吟 ( yóu zǐ yín ) (A Wanderer’s Song). This famous poem was written by 孟郊 ( mèng jiāo ) from the Tang dynasty. 

In this post, we are going to learn this poem together. 

慈母手中线( cí mǔ shǒu zhōng xiàn ): My dear mother is holding a thread in her hands

游子身上衣( yóu zǐ shēn shàng yī ): She is sewing the clothing for her traveling son

临行密密缝( lín xíng mì mì féng ): She keeps sewing before her son’s leaving 

意恐迟迟归( yì kǒng chí chí guī ): And worry her son will come back home late

谁言寸草心( shuí yán cùn cǎo xīn ): Who said the tiny heart of the grasses

报得三春晖( bào dé sān chūn huī ): Could repay the warmth of the sun in spring  

This poem is very simple but very touching. From this poem, we seem to feel a hard-working and loving mom’s feelings for her child.  

It is said, the author had a very hard life and he had to travel around to make a living. When he was 50 years old, he finally got an official position and could bring his mother to live with him. If you know the author’s story, you might know better why this poem is so touching. 





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