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An Original Kids Song for Father’s Day Celebration

When I was a Mandarin Chinese teacher at a private school, I found it hard to find Chinese songs for Western holidays. However, as a teacher, I am supposed to find related teaching materials about holiday celebrations.

In order to solve this problem, I decided to create my own easy catchy songs to help my students celebrate the holidays and learn Mandarin Chinese at the same time. This Happy Father’s Day song is one of them. 

Considering the purpose of songs is to help students learn Mandarin Chinese, and Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, If I add a music background, my students might not be able to hear the tone clearly, so I decided to sing the song first, later I added the music tones to help students practice what they just learned.

To be honest, it is a lot of work to create the video and the song. However, it is my pleasure to see my students could sing a Chinese song to their fathers to show the father how much they appreciate their dads. 

Now let’s watch this video. Also, you can find a free Father’s Day printable to help your teaching about this very special holiday – Father’s Day. Hope it is helpful. 

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