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Another Song to Learn Numbers in Mandarin Chinese

In order to help my little child learn Mandarin Chinese numbers, I created a number song with repetitive lyrics to make sure my child master numbers in Mandarin Chinese quickly.

I created a number song before to help my older child learn the numbers. In order to get my little child’s attention to learn the numbers, I created a new number song.

As you might know, Chinese number is pretty easy. Once you know the number 1-10, you almost get the number 1-100. For example, twenty is 二十. Fifty five is 五十五. Eighty four is 八十四.

How about zero? It is 零(líng).

In the future, I will create another song to help my children and learners learn other numbers such as 100, 1000 and 10,000 in a meaningful way.

Now let’s watch this video to learn the numbers. Feel free to let me know if this video is helpful.

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