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Chinese Classic Poem: Snow in the River

In this post, we are going to learn another famous Chinese classic poem written by Liu, Zongyuan (柳宗元).  Liu, Zongyuan is a famous writer and poet in Tang dynasty.

Compared to many of his famous fellows, Liu, Zongyuan had fewer works but many of his works were well written. This poem “Snow in the River” is one of them.

As I mentioned before, a beautiful poem is also a beautiful painting. This poem provides another evidence for this statement.

At the beginning, the poet  described a very lonely scene: 千山鸟飞绝,万径人踪灭。千: thousand; 山: mountain, hill; 鸟: bird; 飞: fly; 绝: gone. 万: ten thousand; 径: road; 人: person, people; 踪: trace; 灭: disappear.

On a heavy snowy day,  all birds in the mountain were gone. People’s traces on all the roads were covered with heavy snow.

However, even on such freezing day, 孤舟蓑笠翁 ( 孤: alone, one; 舟: boat; 蓑: a raincoat or rain cape made with straw; 笠: a cloak, a hat made with straw or bamboo pieces;  翁: old man),独钓寒江雪 ( 独: alone; 钓: fish; 寒: cold; 江: river; 雪: snow), there was a boat in the river, on the boat was an old man wearing straw made rain cape and cloak, he was enjoy fishing alone.

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Now let’s watch a video to read this beautiful poem together.

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