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Chinese Children’s Song: Mary Had a Little Lamb

“Mary had a little lamb” is a very popular English Children’s song.  Actually, it is also a popular Chinese children’s song. In this post, we are going to learn this song in Mandarin Chinese.

There are several Chinese versions of this song. In order to help the Chinese learner’s learning, I translated this song to make sure this song is easy enough but also close enough to the English version.

In case you want to know, in this song, 玛丽 ( mǎ lì ) is Chinese translation for the English name “Mary”.

As you can see, the sound of Chinese name is similar to the English pronunciation.

Because many Chinese characters share same or similar pronunciations, it is not surprised to see that there are various Chinese translations for the same English name. For example, some people might translate “Mary” as “玛莉” ( mǎ lì).

By the way, in Chinese culture, a special name is very important.

If you are interested, in my future post, I will talk about how to choose a nice Chinese name as a non-Chinese speaker.

Now watch below video to sing and learn this song with me.

To help the child learn well, my suggestion is: Have the child watch this video first to make sure he really knows each single character or most characters.

If the child can sing the song himself very well, it is a good sign.

If not, have him watch this video one more time to make sure he can sing well along the music tone.

To test the child, have the child read the lyric sheet at the end of the video or read the lyric text at the printable worksheets.

If the child knows every character, it is great, if not, have him watch the video and read the lyric sheet one more time.

If you can’t read Chinese, play the video and pause it when necessary, have your child read the text himself.

If your child can’t do it right, have him watch the video one more time until he can read the lyric without difficulty.

You can also use this method to teach your child for other videos on my channel.

As I suggested, reading fluently is the goal. If your child loves writing Chinese characters, great. If not, it is not a big deal.

However, make sure your child read as much as possible to expand his Chinese vocabulary.

Once your child knows more characters and understands better, he will have more interest in learning.

I hope this post is helpful. In case you need, an ebook is also available on Amazon 

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