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Let’s Learn Shapes in Mandarin Chinese Through Singing

In this post, we are going to learn shapes in Mandarin Chinese. I wish to teach my kids shapes through singing but can’t find a right song for this purpose, so I decided to create a song by myself.

I am glad that my kids love this song.  They learned different shapes in no time by singing this song. I hope this song is helpful for you or your kid’s learning

If you or your child wish to learn other children songs like number song, please check out Chinese children songs playlist on my WenJunior Education Channel.

 Now let’s watch this video to sing this shape song and learn different shapes in Mandarin Chinese through singing.

If you like this song and wish to read the lyric of this song to your child, I also created an e-book with extra activity pages to make sure your kids really enjoys the learning. You can get this book at Amazon.

To help your child learn the shapes, at the beginning, just have him watch the video several times to make sure he is familiar with this song.

After that, have him sing along with the video. If he doesn’t like singing, it is OK, just have him point out the shapes on the pictures.

For example, you can ask: where is 三角形? Where is 圆形? Have your child point out the shape and repeat what you said.

If you like, you can say the shapes in Mandarin Chinese and have your child draw the shape to make sure he really understand these words.

To have more fun, have your child create something just with the shapes. You can find examples on the pictures from the video.

Or you can have your child find shapes in your house. Once he finds the shape, have him say the shape in Mandarin Chinese.

In a word, try to make the learning meaningful and fun. You kids will love learning Mandarin Chinese.

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