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Original Mandarin Chinese Song: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here. 感恩节到了。 ( gǎn ēn jié dào le ) I have to say, I like this holiday very much. I like Thanksgiving because it is a special holiday to express our appreciation.

As we know, Thanksgiving is an American holiday. There is no Chinese songs about this holiday. In order to help children learn Mandarin Chinese, I created an oringal happy thanksgiving song. 

This “Happy Thanksgiving” is one of many songs I created. If you like this song and would like to use it for your own teaching or for school use, you can purchase it here. Here is the link for the lyric. Thank you for your support. 

If you wish to learn more Mandarin Chinese songs to help your children or your own learning, please visit WenJunior Channel or search “songs” on WenJunior website.  

Some readers might have a question: What is the difference between “感谢” ( gǎn xiè ) and “谢谢” ( xiè xie )?

Usually, 感谢 is used in a very formal situation. 谢谢 is used in spoken Chinese or informal situations. As for 感激 ( gǎn jī ), it means: appreciate, be very grateful, thank you very much. So in an emotional level, 谢谢< 感谢 < 感激.

When you read the song in the pinyin version, pay attention to the various tones of 一. For more information about tone pronunciation, please read my post: How to Pronounce Mandarin-Chinese Tones.

Some tips for the parents. To help your children learn these songs, have your child watch the video several times first, later, pause the video on the song lyric page to have kids read the lyric by himself, if he can’t do that, let him watch the video one more time until he can memorize most of the lyric.

Don’t forget to have your child review the video the next time. I hope this tip is helpful. If you wish to find more tips about how to help children learn Mandarin Chinese, please read more posts in the opinions section. 

Now let’s sing together to learn an original Mandarin Chinese song ” Happy Thanksgiving”.

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