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Chinese Classic Poem: Lovesickness

In this post we are going to learn another famous Chinese classic poem by Wang, Wei: Lovesickness. In my blog, I also introduced two of his other poems: The House in the Bamboo and Painting.

You see, among tens of Chinese classic poems I introduced in my blog so far, Wang, Wei’s poems has been mentioned for three times. It is not because I am biased. Wang, Wei is really a great poet. If you are interested in learning Chinese classic literature, you should pay attention to his works.

In this post, let’s appreciate Wang, Wei’s another beautiful poem: Lovesickness.

First, the poet mentioned: 红豆生南国 : Read beans grow up in the southern land.
红豆 : read bean. This type of plant grow up in the south east areas in China. It has another name: Lovesickness seed. 生:grow up. 南国:Southern country.

Then he asked: 春来发几枝 : How many branches does the red bean grow in the spring? It means: In the spring, the red bean plant will grow many new branches.
春: spring; 来: come; 发: grow; 几: how many; 枝: branches.

Later, the poet had a wish:愿君多采撷 : I hope you will take a bunch of the red beans.
愿: wish; 君: you, a respected way to call the person; 多: a lot; 采撷 : take, pick.

At the end of the poem, the poet gave the answer why he said so: 此物最相思 – This red bean with a nickname “lovesickness seed” is the best item to symbolize my friendship (love) for you.

Now you get a better idea of the meaning of this beautiful poem. Let’s read this poem together then. If you wish to learn more of Chinese classic poems, please search Chinese poems in my blog or watch this playlist to learn more.

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