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Original Chinese English Bilingual Children’s Song: Colors of the Rainbow

In this post, I will talk about a song I wrote for the purpose of learning Mandarin-Chinese and English:  Colors of the Rainbow (彩虹的颜色).

From this song, you will not only learn the name of colors in Mandarin-Chinese but also gain the knowledge of how many colors in a rainbow and the order of colors in the rainbow.

You might know already, Chinese people love red. Especially when it is new year time, we have red everywhere.

The red envelop   is red for sure. New year couplets are red of course. We wear red clothes on holidays or important events like marriage ceremony. We light red candles. We use red wrapping paper to wrap up gifts.

We believe red color is the color of good luck.

Which color do we dislike?

Probably black. Black reminder us death, which represents bad luck. We usually wear black clothes on funerals.

However, in some situations, black also means authority and status. So not all people dislike black.

When it comes to people’s looking, we believe: 一白遮百丑( yī bái zhē bǎi chǒu ) It means: The light skin will cover many imperfections of your looking.

If you have Chinese female friends, you might know why we always like to cover us up in the sun, especially when we are on the beach, we would like to sit under the umbrella rather than laying on the beach towel to have free tanning.

What is more, you might find many of  popular makeup products with Chinese characters might have a common name as: 美白霜( měi bái shuāng ).

This name indicates the customers: If you put on this lotion, your skin will become lighter, as a result, you will be more beautiful.

It could be wrong but this trick does attract many buyers.

Now you have an idea about how Chinese people think about the color.

I also wonder the perspective of other cultures toward the color. It is interesting to know how culture cultivates our thinking.

Now let’s watch the video to sing this original kids song I created. I hope you or your child  likes it.

As I mentioned. singing is one of the best method to learn a foreign language in a fun way. A learner can remember a bunch of words without efforts. That is why I love creating songs. Let’s make the learning meaningful and fun!

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