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An Original Chinese Love Song: It Is Snowing Outside the Window

When I was a teacher, I always had to find holiday-related teaching materials to help my students learn more Chinese words related to the specific holiday, however, it is hard to find a suitable easy one. That is why I decided to create my own. This song is created for the Valentine’s Day holiday. 

In this song, I tried to add some background music to make the singing more fun. For teaching purposes, I prefer singing only songs, so students can hear the tones. However, to make the teaching more fun, background music is necessary.

I am not a musician. To create the background, I spent a lot of time trying to understand music theory, but it was so hard. Anyway, I tried my best. 

This love song is created for adults or senior high schoolers if the teacher thinks it is appropriate. In this lyric, I tried to repeat some words to help students memorize them. At the same time, this song is short. So students won’t feel overwhelmed. 

If you wish to have the song lyrics to teach your students or your child, you can purchase it through this link. You can purchase the video here. Thank you. 

If you are looking for more Chinese teaching materials related to Valentine’s Day subject, please read more here.  

I hope you like this song. Feel free to let me your ideas. Enjoy your learning.


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