Let’s Learn Mulan’s Story in Mandarin Chinese (1) Mulan Joined the Army

I read an interesting news. Disney is planning to produce a live action Mulan movie. It is said Mulan will be played by a Chinese actress. Many people are very excited for this news.

To be honest, I am confused. Doesn’t it make sense that Mulan should be played by a Chinese considering Mulan was a Chinese?

Of course, I know some background why this news sounds special for many people. For a long time, Asian characters have been played by non-Asian people.

It sounds funny, however it is a sad fact happening many times.

Anyway, this time Disney plans to have a Chinese play Mulan. Then there is another rumor saying that the storyline will be totally different.

I have no idea if the rumor is just a rumor or it will be a fact soon.

In this post. I am going to teach my readers the real Mulan’s story based on a famous ancient Chinese poem: Mulan Poem (木兰诗) ( mù lán shī ) or (木兰辞) ( mù lán cí ) .

As some of you might know already, Mulan poem told an inspiring story about a Chinese girl who went to army fighting for her country.

Mulan Poem is one of my favorites. Even today I can still recite most parts of this poem. I am sure you will like this poem too.

Considering this poem is a bit long, in this post, I will talk about the first part of the poem. In my next post, we will continue learning the second part.

Now join me to learn this poem together.

jī jī fù jī jī ,mù lán dāng hù zhī
Jiji. Jiji. Accompanying a loom’s noises, Mulan was busy with weaving on a loom.

bù wén jī zhù shēng ,wéi wén nǚ tàn xī
The loom noises stopped. Only heard Mulan’s sigh.

wèn nǚ hé suǒ sī ,wèn nǚ hé suǒ yì
Mulan, who do you miss? What do you think about?

nǚ yì wú suǒ sī ,nǚ yì wú suǒ yì
I don’t miss anybody, I don’t think about anything.

zuó yè jiàn jūn tiě ,Kè hán dà diǎn bīng
Last night I saw the draft. Kehan, the king, was recruiting a lot of soliders.

jūn shū shí èr juàn ,juàn juàn yǒu yé míng
On every draft, I saw my dad’s name there.

ā yé wú dà ér ,mù lán wú zhǎng xiōng
My dad has no an older son. I have no an older brother.

yuàn wéi shì ān mǎ ,cóng cǐ tì yé zhēng
I am willing to take my dad’ place to join the army.

dōng shì mǎi jùn mǎ ,xī shì mǎi ān jiān
I bought a good horse at a market in the west , I bought a saddle at a market in the west.

 nán shì mǎi pèi tóu ,běi shì mǎi chánɡ biān
I bought a bridle at a market in the south. I bought a long rope at a market in the north.

dàn cí yé niáng qù ,mù  sù huáng hé biān
In the morning I said goodbye to my dad and mom. In the evening I slept nearby the Yellow River.

bù wén yé niáng huàn nǚ shēng ,dàn wén huáng hé liú shuǐ míng jiàn jiàn
I didn’t hear my dad and mom’s calling’s my name. I only heard the sound of flowing water in the Yellow River.

dàn cí huáng hé qù ,mù zhì hēi shān tóu
I left the Yellow River in the morning and arrived the Black Mountain in the evening.

bù wén yé niáng huàn nǚ shēng ,dàn wén yàn shān hú qí míng jiū jiū
I didn’t hear my dad and mom’s calling my name. I only heard the horse’s calling in the Yanshan Mountain.

wàn lǐ fù róng jī ,guān shān dù ruò fēi
I went far away for the fighting. I went through many frontiers and mountains like flying.

shuò qì chuán jīn tuò ,hán guāng zhào tiě yī
I heard the sound of night timer at chilly nights . I wore my armor standing in the frigid moonlight.

As you knew already, Mulan’s story is so famous. Even Disney made a movie. There are also a lot of Chinese version songs and movies about Mulan.

Now let’s watch a video to go over what we learned by just listening to the song by 紫薇 ( zǐ wēi ).

In my next post Mulan Went Back Home,  we will keep learning this beautiful Mulan’s poem in Mandarin Chinese. Enjoy your learning.

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