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Mandarin Chinese Picture Book with Pinyin: Halloween

Halloween is coming again. 又是一年万圣节!

I created this book to teach my kids, hopefully, other children and beginners learn some Chinese characters related with Halloween holiday.

If you are interested in learning some cultural knowledge about Chinese version Halloween and some vocabulary as well, please read post Halloween and Chinese Ghost Festival.

Big Wen, my older child, knows most of these characters but he still needs work on some characters that he never knew from elsewhere.

His pronunciation is good most of time but I have to keep reminding him how to pronounce tones in the right way.

In case you want to know, read my post  How to Pronounce Mandarin-Chinese Tones to know more about this topic.

Since I created this book with a purpose to teach children the language, in this book, I hope children will learn common Chinese characters related with Halloween, at the same time they will master two very basic Chinese sentences.

If you are interested in getting this book for your child’s learning,  please check this book on Amazon.

I also created a video based on this book to help you read  this book. Happy Halloween! 万圣节快乐!

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