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Mandarin Chinese Children’s Poem: A Small Boat

In this post, we are going to learn a very famous Chinese children’s poem “A Small Boat” written by a well known Chinese educator, publisher and writer Ye, Shengtao 叶圣陶 ( yè shèng táo ).

I bet many non-Chinese people don’t know 叶圣陶. 叶圣陶 wrote a lot of popular Chinese novels, especially children’s stories and poems.

I believe many Chinese learners know a beautiful Chinese version children’s song of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  It is said that 叶圣陶 was the translator.

If you like, read my post Mandarin Chinese Kids Song Nursery Rhyme Little Stars to sing this song along with me.

In this post, we will learn 叶圣陶’s another famous work: A small boat.

Since almost every Chinese learning textbook teaches this beautiful short poem. As a Chinese language learners, you shouldn’t miss this poem either.

Let’s take a look at the poem.

 wān wān de yuè liàng xiǎo xiǎo de chuán
the crescent moon, a small boat

xiǎo xiǎo de chuán ér liǎng tóu jiān
the small boat has two pointy ends

wǒ zài xiǎo xiǎo de chuán lǐ zuò
I sit in the small boat

zhǐ kàn jiàn shǎn shǎn de xīng xīng lán lán de tiān
only see twinkling stars and the blue sky

Now you know the meaning of this poem. Do you like this poem?  Now watch below video. Let’s read this poem together. Enjoy your learning.

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