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Mandarin Chinese Picture Book & Video: A Kite

Spring is here. No doubt spring is my favorite season. After a long chilly winter, in spring, there are so many activities to do, flying kite is one of them.

I still remember, when I was little, I always went out to fly a kit with my friends. The kit was simple but it brought so much fun to my childhood.

There was a beautiful Chinese song: 三月三. Every time when I flied the kite, I always sang this song.

To celebrate the spring time, I created a new picture book titled as “A Kite” to help children learn some basic vocabulary about a kite and other daily vocabulary.

I also created a video with a song to help  children learn these words in a meaningful way.

Feel free to let me know if this ebook or video helpful.

Enjoy your beautiful spring time!


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