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Mandarin Chinese Tongue Twister: Four and Ten

In this post, I am going to challenge you to read a famous Mandarin Chinese tongue twister: Four and Ten.

It is said, if you wish to become a broadcaster, you have to past the test to read some tongue twisters.

No doubt, tongue twister is a fun and effective way to learn a language. When people try hard to read these words correctly, they learn these words quickly, at the same time, they have fun.

Let’s take a look at this tongue twister.

Since this tongue twister is about numbers, if you have no ideas of basic Chinese numbers, read this post: Chinese Children Song: Number Song.

If you know Chinese numbers, great, read this tongue twister yourself to see if you can read it correctly.

If not, don’t worry. Here is the tip. How to pronounce “si”? Put your tongue between teeth. How about “shi”? Curl your tongue.

If you have questions about tone pronunciation, read my post: How to Pronounce Mandarin-Chinese Tones.

Now watch below video first, then keep practicing. I am sure you will get it.

Like this tongue twister? Wish to have more? No problem. In the future, I will share another tongue twister to see if you are able to read it quickly and correctly. Have fun.

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