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Chinese Kids Picture Book: Little White Rabbit

If your kid is learning Mandarin Chinese right now, you have to know a very popular Chinese nursery rhyme: Little White Rabbit 小白兔.

Why? Because every one knows it.

In order to help a child and Mandarin Chinese beginners learn this beautiful cute Chinese nursery rhyme, I created this picture book.

This book features simple colorful cute lovely illustrations, Chinese characters, Chinese character stroke order pages, pinyin and English translation, so children and beginners learn Mandarin Chinese in a meaningful fun way.

By reading this book, a learner will learn to read and write about 20 every day Chinese characters.

This is a read aloud easy to read kids book. It is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and young children as well as beginners. Pinyin is provided to help the pronunciation.

For kindle version, please check out on Amazon. Thank you. Enjoy!

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