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Chinese Children’s Song: Happy New Year

Like every one, I have my own new year resolution (新年决心) (xin1 nian2 jue2 xin1).

By the way, in Chinese, we usually say: new year wish (愿望) (yuan4 wang4), new year plan (计划) (ji4 hua4) or new year goal (目标) (mu4 biao1).

When I was a kid, my mom always told me: If you get up early on the first day of new year, then you will get up for the whole year.

So each year my new year resolution was getting up early.

This year my resolution is being more creative. What is your new year resolution?

In this post, we will learn a popular children’s song: Happy New Year (新年好) (xin1 nian2 hao3).

By the way, happy new year can also be translated as: 新年快乐 (xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4).

The precise translation of 新年好 should be: new year good, it is a good wish for the coming new year.

Before we sing the song, let’s take a look at the lyric on the below.

xin1 nian2 hao3 ya, xin1 nian2 hao3 ya
新年好呀 , 新年好呀,
happy new year

 zhu4 he4 da4 jia1 xin1 nian2 hao3
祝 贺大家新年好.
wish everyone happy new year

 wo3 men chang4 ge1, wo3 men tiao4 wu3
我们唱歌, 我们跳舞.
we are singing, we are dancing

zhu4 he4 da4 jia1 xin1 nian2 hao3
wish everyone happy new year

Now let’s watch the video and sing this song along with the video.

Also, I want to say: 谢谢你们阅读我的博客。我祝福每一位读者新年快乐!

I won’t translate what I wrote and have you figure out the meaning. Do you get the meaning?

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